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The Day Of The Interview

Eat some tuna and a banana for breakfast.  I’m not a scientist or anything but I’ve heard they’ve done studies showing that Omega 3(found in many fish oils) helps to improve memory.  Sounds like a good idea to me.  Or eat whatever the heck you want, but eat something, you don’t want to show up for your interview dragging in with dark rings under your eyes.  Even if you look like a million bucks clothing wise, you want to look awake and alert, if it’s a job that may require going in early if they think you’re going to be hitting the snooze and running late all the time you’re in trouble.  Look awake!

Be there 15 minutes early.  More than that is just silly, an interviewer may feel bad, like now you’re being inconvenienced because they’re making you wait.  Or they may feel like you’re desperate.  I’ll say it again, be there 15 minutes early.  Being on time is risky, if you plan to be exactly on time you’re taking risks.  What if there’s an accident on the way there?  What if you get lost and can’t find the place?  Maybe the dog hid your shoes under the bed?  Wake up early, eat a good meal, and get there 15 minutes early.  I had this very thing happen to me one time, I was stuck in traffic due to a wreck and ended up getting there 10 minutes late.  The fact that I didn’t get the job could have been merely incidental, but hey, why risk it?  For all I know that could have been the very reason I didn’t get the job.

Once I went to an interview and while waiting there were several others waiting as well.  I swear you would have thought we were there for a funeral.  Everyone just kind of sat around looking glum, half asleep.  Smile and look cheerful as the interviewers come out to bring people in.  Look as if you WANT to be there.  If you look depressed about being there, do you really think they’re going to want to hire you?  How will they expect you to be cheerful AT work, if you don’t even look cheerful before you even get the job!  I don’t care if you just spread your grandfather’s ashes across a cornfield (because that’s what he wanted), SMILE!