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The Day After The Interview

Thank goodness that’s over with!  If they didn’t offer you the job on the spot, don’t panic, all businesses operate a little differently and plenty of them don’t offer the job on the spot.

Don’t call them yet to find out if you got the job.  Chances are they’ve already decided who they’re going to hire and you calling them will just be a nuisance if they’re working on other things.  Your desire to call should be overpowered by something else.  Relax, you worked hard on your interview preparation.  Go hang out with a loved one or a friend.  Go play a little golf or something.  I don’t care if you’re living in a cardboard box, don’t call yet.  Pick up your “will work for food” sign and head to the street corner.  If they’re interested, they’ll call you.

So, how long should you wait?  Give it until the following Monday.  Following Monday’s are a good time to call them back to see what the scoop is.  They’ve relaxed and had their weekend and now it’s back to work.  A good friend of mine said it took her company 3+ weeks before she heard anything back from them!  Calling them was a waste of time and they gave her the runaround every time she called!  Now she’s been working there for quite some time.  So you just never know how a company will operate.

When you do call, if they can’t give you a direct answer as to whether or not they’ve made a decision for employment, move on.  Seek other types of employment, don’t let yourself get down because they can’t decide.  Go work at a fast food joint while you wait to hear back from the job you REALLY want if you have to, but don’t stress over it.  You’re a valuable employee (presumably) and somebody out there wants you!  Don’t give up!

On a final note, if the job was one that really interested you, file away all the information you obtained from the experience.  This way, in the future when they call, or if you are looking to reapply, you already have oodles of info on the company.  It will impress the interviewer whether it’s the same person or not that you retained all of the information and know so much about the company already.  It shows you really care about getting the job when you did your homework.