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Final Knot Help

Have you torn your hair out?  Have you thrown the tie onto the ground, gotten out a firearm and unloaded a round of ammunition at it?  Have you punched the mirror?  Why don’t you try a different knot?  Each knot is a little different and it doesn’t hurt to practice each one.  The four in hand knot is considered to be the easiest so if you haven’t tried it yet, get on it.  Every knot takes practice, rarely will anyone ever get it on the first try, so don’t beat yourself up.  And then, when you do finally have success, the knot will come out looking funny!  But don’t give up, ties are an important part of an attire and clip-ons are for sissies and little boys.  You’re not a sissy are you?  Do you want to look like our friend here?  Like you’re hiding scabies under a turtle neck sweater?  Or are you going to look like a big boy for your interview?