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Portfolio Ideas For The Professional

You know why having a portfolio is important? Because actions speak louder than words ever could. If you take the time to build a portfolio, the act of building a portfolio in itself speaks tremendously of you. And then, the employer is able to see your past work come to life before their eyes!

Professional can mean a lot of things. Maybe you’re wanting to be a big time chef? Maybe you’re applying to be the golf pro of a fancy resort? Or maybe you’re wanting to be a limo driver? The definition of professional is in the eye of the beholder so rather than give you a million examples, we’ll pick one or two really good professions to illustrate and go from there. I’m going to assume that you’re not a twelve year old and if you’ve made it this far then after reviewing some examples you won’t need mom’s help to finish things up.

First up. Chef. We all know what a Chef is so this should be an easy illustration. I suppose in retrospect, Chef could go in the creative section, but whatever, it can go either way in my opinion. Depends on how stuck up the chef is. Ok. So you’re a chef. What do you put in your portfolio? A chef is easy. The amount of pictures you can put in your portfolio can stack up quickly. My recommendation? Take pictures of every beautiful dish that you can. Any food that you can make look like a masterpiece is worthy of being in your portfolio. You can have someone take pictures of you cooking. Some restaurants enjoy the flare, so maybe you can flip omelettes? Take a picture of it. Maybe you can toss pizza dough in the air without destroying it? Take a picture of it. I’m serious, things like this would impress a restauraunt owner.

What about recipes you’ve created? Genius. As long as you’re not worried about your recipes being stolen or you’ve copyrighted them(recipe copyrights can only be optained if certain criteria is met) then put them in the portfolio. Recipes can show your amazing creativity and would show you as a huge benefit as an employee.

If you’ve ever won any contests or received any awards as a chef, these too, are important. If you’ve attended some sort of culinary school and any grades, stats, or accomplishments acheived while there can always be a nice addition.

I’m not going to beat a dead horse, chop it up, and then burn it. That’s enough info for the first example. If you haven’t learned anything yet don’t bother continuing to read. If you’ve learned something and want to learn more, please, by all means, continue.

Let’s use architect for our second example. Again, depending on who you are you might consider this creative but I believe otherwise.

As the previous example illustrated, anything impressive from your school days can be used. Good GPAS, awards, even teacher recommendations are all beneficial.

Again, photographs are an amazing tool. Go back to past projects you’ve completed and start snapping away. Take photographs of the foundation of the building you designed. Take photos of the windows, the walls, the corners, the edges, the colors, and anything else that might be impressive. Also include drafts and plans of the building before and after completion. Include any notes, documents, or math that was utilized in preparing and completing the job. If possible, include pictures of the structure during construction so that an employer can see the progress and how smoothly operations were during.

Now, a final note that applies to both of these examples. What if you haven’t worked in the field for which you are applying? Then use as many teacher recommendations that you can. Use any photographs of school projects that you completed. Awards you received while in school, essays that received good grades, etc.

Again, the possibilities of things you can use within your portfolio are endless. Use that big juicy brain of yours to figure out what you want to use to illustrate how amazing you are.