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How to prepare your portfolio

The basics of what you need to do are fairly simple. For starters you need to try and accumulate documents and records pertaining to your past careers, assuming you haven’t already saved them over the years. It can be anything that might impress a potential employer and your portfolio can be as broad or specific as you want it to be.

Here’s a good example. Awhile back I worked for Dominos pizza as an assistant manager. There was a job that needed to be done, a computer touch screen station needed to be mounted on the wall in a different location along with the hardware and equipment that went with it. I came in off the clock at 5am to do the job. Often in interviews I will use this as an example to illustrate my work ethic. You know what goes well with a story? Proof of the story! I can take a picture of the job well done to show all the work that was completed and put it in my portfolio. See how that works? Now not only is the employer impressed with my work ethic of trying to get a job done off the clock by being helpful, but they have a visual aid to see how hard or complex the job was.

For professional and creative portfolios alike the possibilities are endless. If you were a chef at some point you can put in recipes you’ve created, if you were a designer you can put in art you’ve made, if you were in marketing, advertisements you’ve cooked up, if you worked in construction, pictures of buildings you’ve worked on, landscaping jobs you’ve completed, anything!

I believe in the freedom to choose and how and what you put in your portfolio is up to you, I’m just here to get the ball rolling. We’ll take a look in closer detail at some examples and ideas of different things pertaining a little more specifically to either the professional or creative portfolios.

Portfolio Types