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Below are several videos and tips on some common and also laughable mistakes.  They are simple, short, and to the point.  I hope they are of assistance to you.  Check back often as more videos will be posted very soon!

Handshake?  Or midair arm wrestle?   What to do!

Why do people slouch during interviews?  Sit up straight and fly right!

An interviewer is not your best friend.  They are someone you just met, so treat them as such.  There is such a thing as being TOO relaxed.

This next one may seem far fetched but it’s not far from the truth.  It DOES happen.  Reserve your questions until after the interview and only when prompted.  Most interviewers understand you may have questions and they will usually ask.  It is a fantastic idea to take pre-written down questions for them about the job.  Not only does it make you look prepared walking in with some documents, but it makes it look like you care about the job as well.

I understand that sometimes interview questions can stump you… however that’s no excuse to use filler words.  Things like uh, um, and hmm can be annoying to an interviewer.  Be more articulate with your words than this, for example you might say, “Well, let me think about that for a moment.”  It’s not the fanciest thing to say, but it’s a heck of a lot more intelligent than “ummmmmmmmm.”  And if you can’t think of anything, than just try to remain silent while you think of a response.  Appearing as if you’re thinking of a response is better than looking foolish.

SIT STILL!  If you’re SO nervous you can’t control your body during an interview, how confident are you going to be when you’re actually doing the job!?  Okay, I know it’s an extreme point of view, but especially for certain jobs, being confident and able to deal with situations without becoming nervous is important to many potential employers.  Let’s face it, door to door salesman won’t be your strong point.

You brought someone with you TO the interview!!!  Come on.  It’s time to grow up folks.  This happens more than people would like to admit.  A man brings his wife, a woman brings her husband, a child brings their parent, etc.  How responsible do you think you’re going to look to a prospective employer when you walk into the business and mommy is chilling in the waiting room?  Or even your husband or wife for that matter?  Can’t wipe your butt by yourself, eh?  Need permission to blow your nose, eh?  Yeah, I’d wanna hire you for sure.

Thinking about chewing gum during your interview?  Think again!

This may seem silly to cover this… but people STILL do it!  You shrug your shoulders and think to yourself, nah, my phone won’t ring, and then, it does.  And then, no job for you.  Leave your phone in the car.  Don’t even put it on vibrate, leave it in the car.  The ONLY exception to this is if you have a potential emergency that might occur while you’re interviewing, in which case you need to explain to your interviewer ahead of time the circumstances, should an emergency occur, but it’s still risky business.  An interviewer is giving you THEIR time and they’re giving you an opportunity.  So chances are, even if it’s an emergency and your phone goes off, you’re playing it real close…

Asking questions at the end of the interview is not a necessity, but it will DEFINITELY help your chances.  This gives you an opportunity to show what you know about the company and also find out some information for yourself.  Even if you could care less about the question you’re asking, a question or two shows an interviewer you care about the job.  There is no right or wrong answer to how many you should ask.  One or two is great, a couple more are fine too, but of course the interviewer has other things to do in their day, so don’t get crazy.  Never assume you already have the job and never ask about pay until you’re actually being offered the job.  For an interview, only ask things that help show them you’re great, not show them you’re greedy or need time off already!

What are your weaknesses?  Arguably an interviewer’s most lethal question they can ask.  No one ever stops to think about what they do wrong at a job, but it’s important to consider.  Especially because this question DOES get asked frequently.  Interviewer’s know that you’re human and they want to know how you view yourself critically.  It’s a positive thing for us to take a look in the mirror from time to time.  However, there is most certainly a right and wrong way to respond to this question.  Things like, “well, I was late a lot,” or “I was really disorganized at times,” are terrible responses, but often times we freak out and say things that may not be totally accurate or may be exaggerated as to how bad we actually were.  Plan way ahead for ALL potential questions that might be asked, so that you are prepared and ready to knock ‘em dead.  Things like, “At my previous job often times we would get very busy but at times I took too long talking with customers and spending too much time making their experience perfect.  But because my customer service was too good, I ended up not being able to help out my co-workers when they needed me most.”  This is a really good response, especially for a customer service type position.  It shows that you excelled tremendously in one area, but needed work on balancing out something else.  It is not bad to show that you are human and need a little work, when your response also showed that you REALLY excelled elsewhere.  The worse thing you can do is not be prepared and say, “you know, I can’t really think of anything, I don’t have any weaknesses.”  Please.  Get real.  Watch the video below to see a great example played out.

This next issue happens a lot more than you might think.  In a video above we covered not bringing anyone with you, but this time, more specifically, we’re covering babies.  Don’t bring them.  You need to find a sitter WAY in advance.   This is how it should go down.  Obviously, you don’t KNOW someone is going to call you for an interview.  So obviously you can’t schedule a sitter in advance.  So when an interviewer DOES call, you need to start looking for a sitter immediately, don’t put it off.  And then, if you can’t find a sitter then you need to call back and reschedule, if possible of course.  Calling back and rescheduling (as soon as possible) is fine, you’re giving the company plenty of notice.  Personally, I would just tell them the reason why, they’re not monsters, especially if they have children themselves, they’ll understand.  And if they ARE monsters about it?  Why would you want to work for them anyways?  Most people given plenty of notice will be understanding.  I also think it’s important to tell them the reason why you’re rescheduling as opposed to keeping them in the dark, in which case they can assume whatever they want about the circumstances including the possibility of them just thinking you’re being lazy.