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Why Wear a Tie?

Imagine a scenario, where there are two equally qualified men (or women) who interview for a job. Their GPA’s are similar, they have similar work experience, etc. One man chose to wear a sharp business tie for the interview; the other man decided it wouldn’t make a difference. Now, in the eyes of the interviewer, who looks like they want the job more? The man who took the extra few minutes to put on his tie? Or the man who went without? Ok, so it’s an extreme scenario, but hey, you never know! It’s better to be safe than sorry isn’t it? Even the least business savvy individuals can answer this question.

As long as you spend lots of time preparing and practicing, ties can be an enjoyable part of your attire! It doesn’t have to be loads of stress trying to choke yourself putting on a tie 20 minutes before you’re supposed to be at the job for the interview! That’s where we come in!