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Hello and welcome to tiefighter.net!  Where not only will we provide you with some short detailed videos showing you “how to tie a tie”, we will also give you some helpful tips and tricks for remembering the steps of tying your tie.  And then, we’ll give you some pointers on resume and portfolio writing, steps to take for interview prep, and follow-up advice.

I’ve been on a lot of interviews over the years and one thing I’ve learned is that a tie works!  Even today people still don’t realize the level of professionalism that you emit from yourself when you wear nice business clothes and a tie to top it all off!

It doesn’t matter what type of job you’re applying for, anything from fast food to a corporate position, in today’s world and especially with our current economic slump, you just can’t afford to not look sharp for an interview or business meeting.

People don’t understand that appearance is everything.  The FIRST thing an interviewer sees is how you present yourself.  From your shoes all the way up to your clean shaven face it all makes a difference!

Imagine a scenario, where there are two equally qualified men (or women) who interview for a job.  Their GPA’s are similar, they have similar work experience, etc.  One man chose to wear a sharp business tie for the interview; the other man decided it wouldn’t make a difference.  Now, in the eyes of the interviewer, who looks like they want the job more?  The man who took the extra few minutes to put on his tie?  Or the man who went without?  Even the least business savvy individuals can answer this question.

Having said all of this, sit back, take a look around, enjoy yourself, and learn how to present yourself in the business world!